Wounded Strength

There's a difference between doing what's good, and doing what's necessary.

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Lindsey shoved his hands into his jacket, jogging across the street. Slowed down once he reached the other side, not wanting to speed the time he had before he was back in his elegant and plush apartment full of things he'd thought would make up for selling his soul.

Slid cool eyes over the few people standing around, going back to a pair as used up and broken by life as he felt himself. He knew that look, what it signified.

He'd never been tempted to take any of them up on their silent offers before but there was something in those darkly lined eyes that almost made him hesitate.

Dean caught the youngish man's eyes and smirked, blowing his smoke out as he took him in.

Definitely the young executive type, but not the kind that needed to buy company. The man was damn good looking and people would have to be blind not to see it. He probably wasn't even an option for a trick, but Dean couldn't help keeping his eyes trained.

If he hadn't been at this as long as he had been, he might've given it to him for free.

"Hey. See something you like?"

Instead of the usual smirk back and shake of his head as he walked past, for some reason Lindsey's steps slowed. Eyes sliding up and down the leanly defined body, tip of his tongue sliding along the corner of his lower lip before he glanced back up into those eyes. Smiled, with no emotion, simply a jaded quirk of his lips.

"Depends how much it would cost me if I do."

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